• 31MAY

    Important Announcement

    Rinzai-ji’s Community’s response to reports of misconduct by Joshu Sasaki Roshi   The Transitional Leadership Team and the Administrative Abbots-designate of Rinzai-ji in conjunction with the Rinzai-ji Bearing Witness Group (for more information visit www.rinzaijioshos.org) has released the following announcement in response to recent reports that the Roshi behaved inappropriately with female students, and that our
  • 14MAY
    May Zazenkai 2013

    May Zazenkai 2013

    The Rinzai-ji May Zazenkai was held on Sunday, May 5th. 18 students participated. Gento Osho led the group in Zazen and Kinhin, as well as giving a dharma talk and Q&A. The generous support of the Mt Baldy staff made for a crisp and smooth day of practice. Lucy the Rinzai-ji cat returned to the
  • 10MAY

    April Contribution 2013

    Our deepest Gassho and Gratitude for your support! Please notify Rinzai-ji office if your name is missing.   List of donors & contributors – the month of April 2013:   To Roshi:   Bodhi Manda Zen Center Christina Stephanie Erica Ducks Genkai-ji Genko Genshin Gido & Eko Haruyo Sasaki Hogen Jackie Farley Jeff Creek Jikan