• 07SEP

    July & August Contributions 2013

    Our deepest Gassho and Gratitude for your support! Please notify Rinzai-ji office if your name is missing. List of donors & contributors – the month of July & August 2013:   To Rinzai-ji:   Bill Flynn Craig Paup Craig & Carol Wesson Genshin Rick Anderson Jack Drake Jeff Creek Jikan John Radalj John Watts Len
  • 05SEP
    Sangha visits

    Sangha visits

    Dokuro and Shuko visited for a few days at the beginning of September. Genshin will be here for a week from September 8. Myosen plans to be here in October. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet with old friends in the sangha and have them practice with us. Please consider coming for a while to