Rinzai-ji Press publishes and distributes books that have been selected and developed by the Publication Review Committee of Rinzai-ji Zen Center (Los Angeles, CA).

Kyōzan Jōshū Sasaki Rōshi, the founding Abbot of Rinzai-ji, established the Publication Review Committee with the goal of publishing expertly reviewed and translated written records of his master Dharma lectures (teishōs) and writings. The committee works with Asian religion scholars, long-term practitioners, and disciples of Jōshū Rōshi.

Rinzai-ji Press publications stand as the official record of Jōshū Sasaki Rōshi’s teaching and are issued by Rinzai-ji Inc., which holds the intellectual property rights. Transcripts from unauthorized sources have not undergone this careful review process and cannot be taken as authentic and representative records of Jōshū Rōshi’s teaching.

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