Announcement — RJZC and MBZC Ordained Staff Traveling to Japan in May 2015

Announcement: Rinzai-ji and Mount Baldy Ordained Staff Traveling to Japan


This coming May the ordained staff of Rinzai-ji and Mount Baldy Zen Centers will be traveling to Japan.  The trip is motivated by conversations with Noritake Roshi (Kyoto), Seiya Osho (Sendai), and Minakawa Roshi (Sapporo) all of whom were present at the memorial services for Kyozan Joshu Roshi in August of last year.


Also while in Japan, the group will be discussing and finalizing details of the Ho-on Sesshin to honor Joshu Roshi at Mount Baldy and the first-year Anniversary Memorial Service at Rinzai-ji, both scheduled for this coming July.  We are delighted that Noritake Roshi, Seiya Osho, and Minakawa Roshi—as well as several lay practitioners from Zuiryu-ji in Sapporo—have accepted invitations to participate in these events.


Overall, this trip affirms relationships with Japan that are rooted in deep respect and long-standing friendship with our teacher and our sangha.  Please join us in wishing Myoren, Gento, and Dokan success in their travel and a safe return.

Many thanks and gassho,

Boards of Rinzai-ji and Mount Baldy Zen Centers

Abbot of Denkyo-an