Ho-on Sesshin

On July 25-30, 42 participants attended the Memorial Sesshin at the Mount Baldy Zen Center in the hot Sun Bernard mountain range. We were truly fortunate to welcome Rōshi & Oshōs join us from Japan again for these five days in honor of our teacher, Kyozan Joshu Rōshi. The retreat was led by Noritake Shunan Rōshi of Reiun-in temple in Kyoto. Yamamoto Bunkyō Oshō from Myōshin-ji, Nankei Okajima Oshō of Honkō-ji, Enshū Shimizu Oshō from Shūrinan and Kōdō Oshō from Myōkan-ji also participated.
Noritake Shunan Rōshi gave Teishō on the Hekigan Roku (Blue Cliff Record), as well as Dokusan (Koan practice) two times and Sekke (private talk with a translator) once daily. He also gave an evening dharma talk one evening, led us in informal discussions (Sawakai), and joined us in the dining hall and zendo for formal meals and Zazen. We’re so grateful to be able to resume Rinzai practice. The Sesshin was filled with great energy, purpose, and dedication.