List of themes/ideas from July Sangha Listening Circle

Here is a link to the list of themes/ideas that came out of the listening circle held on July 18th, 2015. For those who haven’t participated, if you are interested in these themes, please select three that are important to you in the link below. If you have other theme you would like to contribute, please do so and ensure to click submit at the end.
List of themes/ideas from July Listening Circle
We’re hoping for sangha-led groups based on a theme to emerge at the next Listening Circle scheduled on Friday, October 9, 2015. Please do sign up in the link if you’re willing to be a point person for a specific theme.
We’ve had a few volunteer point persons came forward since July for the following themes. Please click the person’s name below if you’re interested in these themes.

(1) Reach out to ordained people on the outskirts: Myokyo
(4) Women’s Council: Shunko
(5) Commitment to more Listening Circles: Gendo
(6) Conduct and Ethics Guidelines: Paul
(8) Show up for Sesshin: Sogen
(10) Participation Organizer: Genshin
(11) Communications: Kendo Hal Roth
 (12) Relationship with Bodhi Manda: Seido

Please check back this page to find out a point person of other themes. We will keep adding contact names as they come forward.
Thank you for your participation. We look forward to seeing you at the October Listening Circle.