Sankaiki Memorial Service and Nyuji Ceremony


On July 31 Rinzai-ji held a Third Year Memorial Service (Sankaiki) for Kyōzan Jōshu Rōshi attended by over 60 sangha members. This year Noritake Shūnan Rōshi led the service not only as Dōshi but also as Kenmujyushoku (acting abbot) of Rinzai-ji. It’s been a year since Noritake Roshi offered his help at the last Ho-on Sesshin. As of June 15, 2016 he was officially appointed. Nyuji (abbot installation) ceremony was held prior to the memorial service. Noritake Rōshi wore Jōshū Rōshi’s Kesa as Rinzi-ji’s Dharma-Transmission robe that was given by Gudo Oshō of Myōkan-ji in Japan in hope to be a bridge to a future generation.



The service was followed by a catered lunch reception under a beautiful Los Angeles summer sky with the beautiful tune of harp by Ellie Choat. Julianna Rays, Claudia Martine, Nankei Oshō and Mariko Kanai shared their talents with us. Noritake Roshi visited every table to toast.